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The Pazuru system is a very precise and skillfully crafted system build out of ash wooden beams. By cutting triangular notches out of these beams it becomes possible to create structures that require no glue or screws to form a strong connection. The individual parts come together like a big three dimensional puzzle. To showcase the possibilities of this smart and elegant system the Pazuru Cabinet was created.
The interlocking parts create a tight bond that gets even tighter when pressure is applied to it. This creates the possibility to dream up an elaborate range of applications for the Pazuru system. New forms and uses are currently researched by Studio Jager. Untill then the Pazuru Cabinet remains the main product and focal point of research and development.
Although the Pazuru Cabinet has fixed dimensions the Pazuru System lends itself perfectly for custom designs. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities to obtain a custom Pazuru Cabinet for your home or office.
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